NPR has the audio and transcript of 2011 science stories in review. Cosmos magazine’s list of the year’s top science stories appears here.

Sense and Science, meanwhile, rounds up its drubbing of celebrities who misreport and misrepresent science. I approve of their regular debunking—but does anyone really turn to Snooki for scientifically sound commentary? And should they be allowed to vote?

And we’ve got some new-ish science stories bellow, the return of the airship, and some largely irrelevant video.

Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

China has plans for space in place to 2016. Details may be found around the Web, including here and here.

Construction will soon begin on the world’s largest telescope.

Depending on where in the world you are, Venus and Jupiter will be shining bright in the night sky.

Cassini brings us better views of Titan, a place long thought to be a place where life of some form could exist.

Does a more stable calendar sound like a good idea, or would it remove the unique nature of each year?

The same year that the archeopteryx lost its status as the “earliest bird” (though not, as anti-Science types claim, its status as a legitimate fossil), new views have been suggested for that venerable icon of evolution, the walking fish

The airships return, and not just in steampunk! The Sky Whale may soon be bringing supplies to remote communities in northern Canada.

And for those of you who want video, here’s J3P Film’s Doctor Who Lego adventure, wherein a fairly good Matt Smith impersonation teams up with a mediocre one of Tom Baker:

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  1. I should’ve added, the Chinese plan to put astronauts back on the moon and so forth may lead to another space race.

    Things could get interesting.

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