Japanese Manga vs. US Comics

Yeah, I’m regurgitating SlashDot, but I felt it would be an fascinating topic for B42ers. Slushfactory.com has this piece on why Manga succeeds where US comics don’t. Good read if your interested in comics.

What do you think?

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  1. censorship
    You know, the thing about mangas is that you can see things in there that you would never see in comics. Stuff like people dying and staying dead.

    How many times have you seen characters get killed only to come back/not really have been dead/are now a clone/were a clone are really real/never was a clone in the first place/dreaming/virtual reality simulation/hallucination/replaced by a robot/Q did it/Janeway comes back in time and saves you/replicant/brain saved in a jar/are now a blue ghostly apparition/etc?

    And anime VS cartoons is even worse! Remember how the GI Joe army and the Cobra army would use M16s and AK-47s to shoot lasers at each other? And no one would ever get hit! You never see the consequences of anything! Still in GI Joe: Every plane that got shot down you have a guy eject safely from it. Every single one!

    Don’t even get me started on superheros wearing helmets when riding motorcycles…

    Stupid restrictions on content is what is keeping the american comics down.

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