Newspace 2020

By now you’ve heard U.S. presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich claim that, if elected, America will establish a moon colony by 2020. John Glenn considers the plan optimistic “to say the least.” Perhaps Gingrich should also propose a Sealab.

More space news (Lego Man in Space!), something akin to a medical tricorder, and some unusual video, follow:

Kepler has located a further 26 previously unknown planets in eleven different systems.

Lower-budget space exploration continues, as two Canadian teens launch a Lego man into space:

A Russian robotic supply ship docked today at the International Space Station.

This device may be a medical game-changer, and it resembles more than a little something Dr. McCoy kept in his kit.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to see a dryer tear itself apart “in the name of science,” here goes:

It’s like a low-budget version of the things Survival Research Labs did in the 90s (and still sporadically do).