News from space, and lots of earthbound superhero shenanigans and video, below:

And update: The Bizarro Galaxy?

Space travel may be bad for your eyes, but hyperspace wormholes may be a reality. We’re also finding some curious things at the edge of the electromagnetic spectrum:

Our planet supports life because it inhabits a “Goldilocks Zone,” but it may go further than that. Our entire solar system may be in a sort of Cosmic Goldilocks Zone, a part of the universe more suited to life than other regions.

UPDATE: Astronomers have found a squarish-shaped galaxy. Bizarro lives?

Batman, Inc. lives!

In Brazil, a former soldier dresses up as Batman to help fight crime, while in the Slovak town of Dunajska Streda, another Batman helps keeps the streets clean and crime-free.

Video here and below:

For those of you awaiting the Dark Knight’s next appearance on the big screen, the first rough cut of the film has been screened privately.

And iff you want even more video, here’s some gratuitous superheroic cosplay at an Octopvs Crawley:

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