The shuttle makes its final flight this week, over New York City.

For some reason, right now, six different Frankenstein movies are at six different stages of planning and production

And after the cut, we have three very different video takes on The Avengers:

The Avengers as a Boy Band:

What if The Avengers had been released in the 1970s?

This review (with spoilers and some NSFW language), for better or worse, demonstrates the broad appeal of Marvel’s reinvented nerd icons:

Also: Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant again.

5 replies on “Newspace”

  1. PuppetSocko says:

    Well, that was a $%#@in’ interesting take on The Avengers.

  2. Vulch says:

    ObBritish: If it doesn’t have Patrick McNee playing John Steed, it’s not The Avengers.

  3. J_W_W says:

    For the boy ban one all I could think was:

    Puny Hulk smash puny …. Oh, wait.

  4. I promise our review of The Avengers will be far more coherent than this one.

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