SpaceX has test-launched the rocket that will take the first-ever private space capsule to the International Space Station.

Russia plans to land cosmonauts on the moon by 2030. Perhaps they’ll take a few conspiracy theorists along and leave them behind.

A couple is suing their landlord because the house is haunted. Sucks when your place gets repossessed.

If you can’t get tickets to The Avengers this week, you can at least enjoy the biggest full moon of the year

And we follow up last week with more Avengers-related video shenanigans, after the click:

We somehow missed this look at the hit film that might be playing in some alternate reality.

Luckily, however, this does not appear to have happened:

And while it’s a little out of date, this Avengers parody might provide a few laughs:

Finally, some guy got arrested after he impersonated a police officer, harassed some people, and then peed in some kid’s hat.