The Japanese think we need a witty, trilingual vacuum cleaner

In a what NASA calls an historic achievement, astronomers have detected the light emanating from an extrasolar world.

Wednesday May 9, Buzz Aldrin will announce the winner of the Space Race 2012 contest, the lucky person who will make a suborbital flight with Armadillo Airspace. Lauren Furgason of Seattle, Sara Cook of Washington, D.C., and Gregory Schneider of Tucson, Arizona are the final three contestants from an original roster of 50,000+.

Video of this below, plus a superheroic endorsement (with an appearance by a Bureau-crat), and yet another unique Youtube take on The Avengers:

I get mistaken for that guy again, but it was super to have the heroes help with a forthcoming Cancer Charity Auction:

And we have yet another unique take on The Avengers:

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