SpaceX Successfully Launches Capsule to the Space Station

A successful launch after a scrubbed launch last week put SpaceX in the lead for private contractors to handle missions to the ISS. The unmanned capsule is planned to dock with the ISS if everything is go. This is only the second launch for the Dragon capsule and the third for the Falcon 9 rocket.

The overall goal is to make space flight more cost-effective, something that NASA has not been able to do. has the details here.

So, the question is: Do you think switching away from government-based to commercial-based space flight will hurt or hinder our exploration of the stars?

5 replies on “SpaceX Successfully Launches Capsule to the Space Station”

  1. Private (though, remember, SpaceX has taken some gov’t money) has the incentive to make it cost-effective, but without profit, not the incentive to go further.

    I think they’ll always be a place for public as well. In fact it’s inevitable since, once it is cost effective– we’ll be in a military race again.

  2. This may sum it up best (from ABCNews): “They say space could be a bit like the old West: Governments sent explorers, such as Columbus or Lewis and Clark, to open the frontier, and then private settlers followed.”

  3. Now let’s just hope we don’t give the native inhabitants smallpox this time.

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