Marvel Comics has created a sidekick for Hawkeye. A speedy knock-off, prompted by the success of The Avengers? No—it’s a plan to help a hearing-impaired child. The character may never appear in continuity, but it’s some compensation for the loss of DC’s physically-challenged super-doer, Oracle.

Virgin Galactic has received the go-ahead for the next phase in their development, as the Dragon Capsule readies for departure from the International Space Station.

Our own Crossover Comix page welcomes scans from the new Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover, and last year’s Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes shindig.

And by now we’ve all heard of the Miami cannibal attack, and doubtless made or heard the standard grim gag: is the zombie apocalypse, in fact, upon us?

Various video, and Venus, below:

Youtubers provide us with footage of last weekend’s Anime North 2012, in Toronto:

And, from Houston’s Comicpalooza, the week before:

Finally, here’s where you can prepare for next week’s Transit of Venus, the last until 2017.

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