Astronomers lately have found:

Closer to home:

Click for some spectacular video unrelated to any of these stories.

Photographer Chad Blakely captures three years of Northern Lights:

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  1. rickyjames says:

    My favorite news of the week is that the NuSTAR X-Ray telescope was successfully launched and even better, its 30 foot mast got extended. Forget about Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter; long live Nu Star, Black Hole Hunter. This thing is gonna revolutionize our understanding of black holes, particularly the one at the Center of the Milky Way.

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      What? Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, isn’t going to revolutionize our understanding of black holes???

      Seriously, thanks for the link!

  2. rickyjames says:

    Titanium-44 is the secret sauce in making black holes from a supernova – and NuStar is designed to map this in supernova debris clouds…..

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