Google has released the prototype of their anticipated Internet Glasses.

In Japan (where else?), Suidobashi Heavy Industry will soon have mech-like devices available commercially.

In Serbia, at least five mammoth skeletons have been unearthed.

Bulgaria, meanwhile, is displaying a 700-year-old vampire skeleton (that item is true, from a certain point of view).1

At least forty new species of ants have been discovered in the Philippines

Italy‘s Prada has introduced a Steampunk line of clothes. Is this success– or the beginning of the end of the aesthetic?

At Pulpfest this year, in the United States, long-time collector Albert Tonik will be auctioning off his prize collection of books, magazines, pulps, dime novels, and fanzines. This sizable collection contains many rare items.

In China and aboard the International Space Station—President Hu Jintao called to congratulate the taikonauts on their successful docking.

This Thursday, astronaut Rex Walheim will be conducting satellite interviews live on NASA television. Emphasis will be on Orion, which may take us far beyond our planet.

Video for some of these stories below the cut, and for the Team Fortress 2 short film, “Meet the Pyro.”

1. In an unrelated story, five men have been arrested in Austria for the alleged theft of 9.5 tons of garlic.