Have they found it, by God?: Physicists have fairly good evidence of that particle they prefer to call the the Higgs boson.

Where are the green-skinned astrobabes?: NASA reveals the Orion Space Capsule.

I read this book as a kid: Space-tourist company Excalibur Almaz plans to take tourists to the moon for a mere $150 million.

Not a Microsoft product: Power generating windows may prove an important source of solar power.

Turkeysaurus Rex: We’ve known for awhile some dinosaurs were feathered. It may be that (to some degree) all dinosaurs had plumage.

No word on griffins: The American National Ocean Service has announced that mermaids don’t exist.

Because the sequels were total movie gold: A&E plans a TV-movie that will tell the backstory to Psycho.

Forthcoming on Youtube: Harry Potter and the Ten Years After, a fan film, previewed below–

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