This week’s newspace is all over the place, with something for all interests– assuming Malware hasn’t taken you out Monday morning:

In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil!: The quintessential anime show, Sailor Moon, returns next summer with a brand new series.

Less well known, but fondly recalled: The Canadian 80s show Fraggle Rock receives a new incarnation as well, this one focusing on The Doozers of Fraggle Rock.

Hey, it’s new to the site: Our Crossover Comix page gets an update from 2001, when Superman and Supergirl met Gen 13.

Maybe they’re in the pay of hardline Creationists?: In Alberta, drunken louts may be responsible for the theft and destruction of dinosaur fossils.

Meanwhile, out in space: Is this the Solar Flare of the Year?

And speaking of space: A recent survey inquires as to people’s “belief” in UFOs, but the response at least examines the ambiguity of that question (can you NOT believe people have seen things they personally couldn’t identify?), just as the survey tries to correlate belief in aliens to feelings about Barack Obama and the Incredible Hulk.

And on that superheroic note, we bring you the extended trailer for Dark Knight Rises, the full source of last week’s viral Spider-man/Batman fight video, and…. Uh, some other video that may be of interest:

This video this clip went viral last week, but here’s the full video of two guys dressed as Spider-man and Batman battling their way through Toronto:

Dark Knight Rises Extended trailer

Some guy makes a slightly less-polished superhero movie with the kids: