Newspace: Video Edition

I know it’s been a short time since our last “Newspace,” but Rush Limbaugh’s hilariously bizarre and temporally-challenged claim that the villain “Bane” in Dark Knight Rises was named for Bain Capital led me to post his rant below, and several other videos. We’ve found lots of Dark Knight-related material, new Comic-Con stuff, and a Zombie-proofed Hyundai.

Zombie Survival Hyundai:

Comic-Con Attendees and Cosplayers:

A lot of Present Day/1960s Batman mashups may be found on Youtube. Here’s a recent one that’s slightly gorey:

While this one, from a few years ago, has the Dark Knight and the Joker in a 60s-style fight:

And more Comic-Con commentary. Yeah, one of us may get back there some day:

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  1. Rush should totally do the drug awareness circuit at high schools. “I used to have an oxy habit, and started thinking fictional supervillains were out to get my political heroes.”

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