Boldly going to Mars: Curiousity’s Grand Entrance, narrated by William Shatner.

The planet does have a lot of beach property: New evidence for ancient Martian Oceans.

No human explorers for awhile, but China advances their plans for a lunar landing.

But the local gas station felt they were exploiting the free air pump: Space Ground Amalgam, a company making inflatable satellite parts, took the $100,000 Space Business prize.

Maybe we can download a car. It appears you can download a gun.

Hammertime: Thor II will feature former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston as a villain and Game of Thrones/Mad Men/Sopranos director Alan Taylor at the helm.

Kansas City here we come: Google tests better, stronger faster internet.

Video below: How plausible is Spider-man? And more non-canonical Potter!

So, how plausible is Spider-man?

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later, Part Two:

Bonus: a bloggish Tale of Two Techies.

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  1. There’s also a Wesley Crusher-narrated version of that video, but it lacks the awesomeness of Kirk’s. Too bad they couldnt get Patrick Stewart.

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