And maybe they’ll be able to explain the Olympic Opening Ceremony: The Queen’s astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, suggests our scanning of the cosmos may lead to the observation of alien life in the next forty years.

MacGyver lives! The crew of the International Space Station use a toothbrush to make an emergency repair.

Notify the conspiracy theorists: A recent notorious murder case may have an outer space connection.

Recovering past dreams: Brookyn-based Singularity and Company plans to save SF, one obscure classic at a time.

Don’t forget about medical research: Recent experiments suggest a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Below: Political figures encourage space exploration, and images from the 2012 World SF Con in Chicago and DragonCon 2012 in Atlanta!

Will the ships be cigar-shaped? Former American President Bill Clinton adds his support to the interstellar starship initative.

With their own Mars Mission in the works: India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defends space exploration.

Photo Gallery: We had to scupper our plans to attend WorldCon in Chicago some time ago, so I don’t have a video of the Con. However, Michele Poague did post a video photo gallery:

And here are videos of DragonCon 2012: