Planets are a girl’s best friend:
A U.S./French team has discovered a planet, twice the size of the earth, made from diamonds.

Kind of an anti-climax after the diamond story:
Curiosity has fixed its gaze on a rock entirely unlike any other previously identified on Mars.

Pics or it didn’t happen:
Check out these photos of SpaceX Dragon’s flight to the International Space Station. (Video appears after the cut).

Cthulhu is a pirate!
A single giant eyeball washed ashore in Florida this week.

Well, that explains Paul Broun:
Crossbreading between Neandertals and the more familiar sort of human carried on longer than we previously thought.

Atomic tease!
Once again, we have a development that makes tantalizing but uncertain promises about energy from fusion.

Reddit may not be carrying this story:
Their biggest troll and creator of the now-defunct “jailbait” subreddit has been outed by Gawker.

Video follows. Some of it may even be interesting.

Here are some reports and videos of that Space-X docking:

Large eye washes up on Florida beach:

That Paul Broun speech that sent waves of disbelief among thinking people and a created a bit of friction at this site may be viewed here, complete with creepy deer backdrop:

Erm…. How about someone’s recent tour of Akihabara?

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