Geronim…. Holy *%!#!!!!!!

As I’m certain we all know by now, Felix Baumgartner successly dove from the edge of space and broke the sound barrier, the first person to do so without a vehicle, on the sixty-fifth anniversary of the first breaching of that barrier.

People there have very even tans.

Astronomers announce the discovery of a planet with four suns.

So Sheldon Cooper is right?

The brains of the autistic savant appear to be signficantly and measurably different than the norm.

Will they name it the “Om Nom Nom” Basin?

This crater on Mercury looks like a certain resident of Sesame Street.

You get that there junk-heap offa yer front lawn!

Endeavour has arrived at its new museum home.

You know, the one that’s still about comics?

Below: Video of Baumgartner’s dive, and some awesome cosplay from this weekend’s New York Comic-Con.