5 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 26: Round 2”

  1. Whoa, Alien vs. Avatar. Big matchup there. Aliens vs. Avatar would have been even more interesting…

    • I guess that would depends on how highly you rate the FX and box office takings in your decision making process. I liked Avatar as a popcorn movie and thought the FX were amazing, but ultimately it’s still just “Pocahontas in Space” and I think it is sorely lacking in some areas – both the Aliens movies beat it hands down for me.

      (Like The Matrix, I refuse to acknowledge that the last two movies exist).

    • Yeah, I was a bit surprised on that matchup too. Then I remembered that Avatar wasn’t a very good movie plot-wise despite its box office take, and that the discerning Bureau 42 readers probably gave it a low ranking.

      Personally I thought Avatar was an average movie. The effects were the only good thing going for it.

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