Weekend Discussion: Oblivion

It has a noteworthy cast and spectacular effects, but reviews have been lukewarm. Does anyone here want to discuss Oblivion?

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  1. A friend of mine knows people who get him complementary tickets for early showings of just about any film he cares to see. Leaving aside my general annoyance at not living in the same city as him and thus being able to blag another one for myself, he saw Oblivion and told me about it.

    Stodgy acting, awful dialogue, terrible plot.

    He thought it was awful. The thing he really liked about the evening’s outing was that he hadn’t paid for the ticket.

    I decided not to waste my money. From the looks of the trailers, it’s visually impressive but badly-delivered. There’s a Cruise-delivered line in a trailer I saw that made me shudder over how badly it was said. Should’ve had a few more takes, I thought.

    One thing I did approve of though – it’s not been done in 3D. What a relief. I’m interested in 3D technology, and I’ve seen a couple of films which used it fairly well, but the projection systems just don’t seem to be good enough yet – I always see a lot of ghosting and end up with aching eyes on my cinema’s RealD screens – so I now always seek out the 2D showings that they fortunately still show. But no need for this film… on the offchance I was actually going to see it.

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