But don’t get your hopes up too high, Pluto:

Fomulhaut B may be a planet after all. Its return from the dead has inspired NASA to make a Halloween-themed video about the finding:

That’s a small piece of history, a giant’s hand these did sign:

Neil Armstrong-related memorabilia is up for bid.

Keep watching the skies:

We have strange apparitions in the Canadian Maritime skies, but these flying objects aren’t necessarily unidentified.

This weekend also sees Atlantic Canada hosting Hal-Con. News coverage appears here, and a fan video below, along with some news from the International Space Station, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic…

….And a little more.

Hexed:Sisterhood of the Supernatural has a video of Hal-Con’s first day:

She’ll have more to come later (updated 1x):

Meanwhile, a little ways off-planet:

The first private ship to make a run to the space station returns this weekend. Video will be available Sunday.

The follow-up visitor, an occupied Soyuz capsule, successfully docked.

A Pakistani adventurer sees private spaceships as a means of encouraging world peace.

And, in November:

We’re reported on so-called real-life superheroes before. I even met one at a Con. But what’s happening with the hype the Real-life Superhero Project is trying to stir up for November?