The Tinfoil Hat Crowd still won’t believe it.
Despite some negative science-funding news at the end of this post, we’re hearing hints that NASA plans to send people back to the moon– and beyond— in the near future.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him
The £12,000 Hand gives this amputee a new hold on life:

If they’d used feces and connected wheels, it would be the “Scatmobile”
These teenage girls have made a generator that runs on urine.

Forget Krypton:
DC may have identified the actual star that their fictional Krypton orbited, but it’s bested by “Super-Earth” HD 40307g, which is looking like a good place to search for life.

Serious breaking news and silly entertaining video below:

The science is minimal, but still:

Two Iranian jets shot on a U.S. drone in international airspace.

A playlist of videos from Long Beach Comic-Con:

Yeah, okay. Some guys covering “Route 66” in an Akihabara café is pretty irrelevant, but so what?

Making a robot? Check out Robot Party!

World Fantasy last weekend: Awards

Sadly, we’re investing less in science: