8 replies on “BSG: Blood & Chrome – Episodes 3 and 4”

  1. Just found my password and logged in for the first time in a while. I’ve missed everybody.

    I AM LOVING THIS! I wish we could get the whole movie all at once, but THIS is what I’ve been craving from the BSG ‘verse for a good long time.

    It seems like Syfy’s limp-wristed release of this on Machinima is just to get this out into the world, not to really do much with the property. The only way we can get more from the BSG folks and from Syfy is by promoting it on our own. If you want more BSG, tell your friends, talk this up.

    Personally, I’m thrilled to finally be seeing it, and archetypes be damned, I think it’s pretty gods-damned great. :)


    • Gee, joe’s back! And new people last week.

      Hey, everyone, if you’re out there, post. It would be really cool if this site became a place where people, like, discussed stuff again.

      Welcome back, joe_gee!

      • Glad to be back! :) Now that I remember my user name and password, I’ll try to make more of a habit of stopping in.

        How do we submit stories? I run into stuff all the time.


        • You can e-mail one of the writers.

          I was going to also mention notifying our Twitter feed, but I note, with some dismay, it has not been updated since October.

    • Agreed. Characters are established enough, now lets get them doing something interesting. I for one am interested. :)

  2. B&C is great: if they get the chance to get in as deep as the reboot did, this is going to be the best of all of them. If only they get a chance to keep going… I’ve already pre-ordered the bluray coming out in Feb…

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