I’ve wanted to do a review of Alias for a while now…at first I didn’t really think it was sci-fi, though the longer it runs the less I think that. I finally decided that even if I can’t do a review I do want to put up a discussion forum.

This is one of (in my opinion) the most underrated shows on right now. Serial in nature, if you haven’t seen it you might want to catch up with a synopsis or some kind of explanation. There is a pretty decent “previously on” bit before each ep., but that’s just to help with things you’ll see on that particular night. Explaining the entire history of the show would take FAR too long. the plot of each individual show is good, but the real draw is the huge story arc. Very like farscape. also like farscape is that you’ll likely either be completely hooked and watch it religiously, or not watch at all. And if nothing else, Jennifer Garner is incredibly hot. And if you’re not into female eye candy, there’s always Michael Vartan. (for whom Jennifer Garner just left her husband, something which drops her appeal in my eyes about 90%, considering I just got married.)