Talisman Board Game Rereleased

Those that know what game I’m referring to just wet themselves. For the rest of you, go here to find out more. It’s basically a beer and pizza version of D&D. No roleplaying, just hack-and-slash fun that can be completed in one night’s gaming. It’s a ton of fun, but Games Workshop discontinued production of the game in the mid-90s.

Sets of the old game can be found on eBay at prices in the hundreds of dollars. I just spotted retailers selling the new release of the game.

You can preorder at any one of the following:

If you’re even remotely serious, order now. This is a limited run. Most of the stores I checked have less than ten sets apiece.

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  1. Pizza and beer?
    What are you talking about? D&D is a pizza and beer game! ;)

    I remember this game from way back. Guess who’s going shopping…

    • Re: Pizza and beer?

      What are you talking about? D&D is a pizza and beer game! ;)

      The quote was supposed to be beer and pretzels. Guess it still doesn’t make any more sense…

      Have fun getting reaquanted with an old friend!

  2. Rocks
    I wanted this so bad as a twelve-year-old kid, but I could never afford it and my parents wouldn’t get it for me. Looks like I can finally have my childhood wish! woohoo.

  3. Hurry For Another Reason
    Not only should you pick it up fast online because of a limited run, but you should do so because Games Workshop is apparently going to stop selling to online retailers after July 1st. See this story on Slashdot for more details. Sad day for tabletop gamers in “the boonies.”

  4. Good experience with SpaceCrime.com
    I’ve exchanged a couple of emails with SpaceCrime.com since I placed my order. So far they’ve been just about the best company I’ve ever ordered from online. Friendly, receptive to my questions, and willing to take the time to add a personal touch to the impersonal world of online shopping. There may even be somebody named “Chris” floating around here now that he knows where I heard about the rerelease from. :)

    The current estimate is for my copy to arrive April 29th or 30th, but they’ll be sending me a notice when they have a date more nailed down.

    I haven’t been this excited about receiving a package since I ordered Glamdring! :)

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