Lucas just says no to a third trilogy

Scifi wire has the full story. Can’t blame him really. What with all the expanded Star Wars universe stuff out there (books, games, comics, etc). It’s already been done, and done well. Speculation/Hopes for his next project (after Episode III in 2005, of course)?

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  1. Extra special edition episode IV
    The probability of this happening is fairly low, but I was wondering one day, once Lucas finishes episode 3, is he going to realize that episode four needs to be enhanced to serve as a better bridge between the first three and the last three films? What would be neat is if he was actually thinking ahead and filmed additional footage to be used in a “Saga Edition” of episode IV while he was filming episode III and had the props, actors, and sets available.

    There are a few obvious things that could be included, mainly at the beginning, that could enhance the continuity of the series: events in the Senate leading to it being dissolved, rebel leaders in the Senate plotting to steal the plans to the Death Star and the Tantive IV actually stealing them, scenes with the Emperor and Vader, the Anchorhead footage, possibly flashback scenes to when Owen/Obi Wan & Anakin/Obi Wan were younger, etc.

    Ep. IV is excellent as a standalone movie, or as the beginning of the trilogy, but I think it might be more effective as a part of the overall series to have additional footage which connects it to the first three movies better.

  2. RE: Extra special editions
    Well, a lot of that has been covered in other sources. In particular, the theft of the Death Star plans is the basis for the first mission of ‘Dark Forces’ (A great game BTW).

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