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      That is so wrong on so many levels.

      I understand the concern. Hawking is, however, a public figure, the lyrics are pro-science (the anti-Creationist rap, for his “homies in the biology department” or some such, is funny, in a twisted sort of way), and Hawking has appeared on Star Trek and The Simpsons, the latter appearance using his disability as a topic for humour. For New Year’s 2000, he attended a “Springfield”-themed party, and was able to go as himself.

      This site is a little different. If Hawking himself objected (I have no idea here), I would say it would respectful to take it down.

      Jane Goodall’s people were appalled that Gary Larson had a female chimp call her a “tramp” in a Far Side cartoon; they threatened to sue, until they found out she thought the cartoon was funny (Larson later visited her at her research station in Africa). I included a rather silly reference to writer Annalee Newitz here. I checked with her; she was amused. I otherwise would have deleted it.

      Still, a fair topic for debate…. And I admit I have not read the entire site yet.

      • Re: Not Funny
        Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to run to a PC lawyer and cry foul or something, I just think it’s so wrong it’s funny.

        As far as your Jane Goodall reference, that’s cool and all, but they weren’t making fun of Jane Goodall’s disability, they were making fun of what she did….

        But I’m just saying… Not that I feel it’s eve-il or anything, just that it’s so wrong it’s funny kind of thing

  1. Oh, Come On, Guys…
    …it’s FUNNY. Hawking himself is amused – that’s the one and only real input on the site, where Hawking’s staff says Da Man loves it. I’ve been a fan ‘o the Hawkman for quite a while. Lay some of that shiz down on me, Doomsday!

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