Here it is, my annual look back at the previous season of Enterprise.

Year Two

In the tradition of last year’s summary, here’s an overview of Enterprise, season two.

What to Change in Season 3

Hire better writers and directors.
Berman and Braga don’t write all the episodes, but they are responsible for most of the stinkers. Give it up guys. We demand better stories, moving dialogue, and real suspense.
Respect your elders!
TOS set up a back story that the current series fails to even recognize. This is historical fiction to we fans. Don’t be stupid and try to rewrite our canon.
Fire Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.
They are no-talent hacks that have inherited a treasure. Ever watched an interview with either of these two? There are a couple on from the Nemesis premier. They are so bored and tired of the license that they have no motivation to make quality entertainment.

And just to prove it isn’t all bad

What to Keep from Season 2

Well, I liked the finale
It barely counts as being part of the season, but the new direction may be the shot in the arm the series needs.
The Andorian/Vulcan Conflict
The writers seem to have forgotten this even exists. It was good stuff and anything that keeps Jeffery Combs on screen is alright with me.
These guys are part of what made Star Trek in the beginning. Historical canon shows at least one good war with these guys. Don’t deny the fans that kind of fun.

We wrap up a lackluster season with a cool finale. Here’s to hoping for a better season three.

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Title Number Airdate Score
Pt 2
27 09/18/2002 33
Carbon Creek 28 09/25/2002 19
Minefield 29 10/02/2002 29
Dead Stop 30 10/09/2002 27
A Night in Sickbay 31 10/16/2002 29
Marauders 32 10/30/2002 20
The Seventh 33 11/06/2002 27
The Communicator 34 11/13/2002 24
Singularity 35 11/20/2002 24
Vanishing Point 36 11/27/2002 24
Precious Cargo 37 12/11/2002 23
The Catwalk 38 12/18/2002 26
Dawn 39 01/08/2003 19
Stigma 40 02/05/2003 30
Cease Fire 41 02/12/2003 28
Future Tense 42 02/19/2003 29
Canamar 43 02/26/2003 27
The Crossing 44 04/02/2003 18
Judgement 45 04/09/2003 30
Horizon 46 04/16/2003 24
The Breach 47 04/23/2003 25
Cogenitor 48 04/30/2003 30
Regeneration 49 05/07/2003 21
First Flight 50 05/14/2003 22
Bounty 51 05/14/2003 22
The Expanse 52 05/21/2003 31