Curious about Curiosity? Apparently, if found something this week. What, exactly, remains something of a mystery, but will be revealed in December, after NASA has analyzed the data. Hopefully, this will be worth the wait—and the amount of idiotic speculation being tossed around the ‘Net.

Engineering Garbage

Fifteen-year-old genius has wowed MIT with his inventions, mostly engineered from rubbish.

They make great gaming figures!

Us a 3-D printer to make a model of yourself.

Travel destinations:

Recent discoveries in space include a galaxy, far, far away and Kappe Andromedae B, a planet with thirteen times Jupiter’s mass.

Take some light reading:

Two astronauts will spend a year in orbit.

Below, some cosplay at the recent Anime Festival Asia 2012, and other cute and strange video:

Check out some recent cosplay at Anime Festival Asia 2012, in Singapore:

Talking Nerdy examines the science behind cute. You’ll see nothing really new here, but, if you’ve never watched the channel before, this makes for a, uh, cute introduction:

Apparently, this is a Russian Superhero party with a hat issue. Moderately NSFW, possibly: