Comics Review – JSA All Stars: Glory Days

This time I’m reviewing a JSA comic from before the Reboot, and one that’s a fairly decent stand-alone.

Title: JSA All-Stars – Glory Days
Written by Matthew Sturges
Illustrated by Freddic Williams II
Published by DC COmics
Originally Published in May 2011

Available from

The Premise

The JSA Is contacted by the LAPD to help with the investigation of a new hallucinogenic drug on the streets, coming from the country of Parador. Little do they realize that this drug is being spread by a dictator who seeks to resurrect ancient gods to do his bidding.

High Points

Roxy is the best AI ever. Yes, better than that one. Also, even though I’m popping in the middle of the JSA All-Stars book, I’m able to get the characters fairly quickly.

Low Points

King Chimera getting over Namita’s death seems incredibly abrupt and not at all earned, especially considering all the time they spent on him not being over it.


Originality: While the “dangerous new drug from Latin America” plot isn’t exactly new, the “god resurrection conection” hasn’t been combined with the first part, to my knowledge. 4/6

Story: The story flows nicely, although why the Izapa gods want to build their holy city in LA instead of Parador seems odd. 4/6

Artwork: The art is pretty good, though Star Girl looks older than I remember her looking, last time I read a JSA comic. 4/6

Characterization: Each of the JSA members has discernably distinct and fun personalities. 4/6

Emotional Response: This is a fun comic to read, with wise-cracking heroes and impressive fights. 5/6

Flow: 6/6

Overall: I’d forgotten how much I really like the JSA. 5/6

In total, JSA All-Stars: Glory Days gets 32/42