Newspace looks ahead to 2013 Stargazing Highlights.

NASA’s latest space gear looks surprisingly familiar, especially to fans of Toy Story.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Antarctica continues to melt faster than you may have realized.

Been feasting this holiday? Find out what you’re doing to your food clock.

And for those of you who really like to party, here’s a New Year’s Eve noisemaker that only works if the user is impaired.

Below: cosplay, and the latest attempts by studios to turn old cartoons into live-action movies.

Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin the Martian have been in preproduction for awhile. Will these live-action horrors actually make it to the big screen? And does anyone in the target audience even know who Hong Kong Phooey is???

Cosplay Compilation from 2012, courtesy of various fans:

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