Release the Kraken!

After years of various people trying, a Japanese team finally has video of a giant squid in its natural habitat. Discovery Channel will be broadcasting more soon, but a bit can be viewed below the cut.

Does your car have a name, a theme, and an assortment of cool gadgets? And can you engage in witty repartee during hand-to-hand combat?

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones is hiring. Anyone want to be in Seattle’s oddball version of the Avengers?

Wait, we have to go through more apocalyptic hysteria in sixteen years?

“Doomsday asteroid” Apophis, which will make a very close pass by earth in 2029, turns out to be even larger than we thought.

Ground Control to Colonel Hadfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield may be conducting valuable experiments in space, but, in his recent conference, he also discusses composing songs in and about zero gravity.

And, the usual gratuitous Con cosplay video:

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  1. Phoenix Jones doesn’t want journalists or people studying to be journalists on his team, so I guess they never work with Superman. Wonder, tho, shouldn’t this guy’s story be a book or a movie or a graphic novel or a psychology paper?

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