We may have a potential cure for AIDS.

The International Space Station will receive an inflatable module in 2015.

One journalist reviews the 2013 CES Tech Circus, held last week in Vegas.

The Solar Blob is heading for earth… And it might enhance the Northern Lights.

Zombieland‘s writers originally pitched the concept as a tv series; such a show has stepped up pre-production.

Video after the cut includes Cosplay from Anime LA 2013 and clear thinking on current Extraordinary Popular Delusions:

Anime Los Angeles 2013 Cosplay:

Many people have come forward to debunk the currently trending claims that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged hoax. Putting aside the epic failure of the conspiracy camp to use Occam’s Razor and even basic common sense, specific evidence put forward by Sandy Hook “Truthers” can also be examined in a clearer light: