Space Race Redux?

A few days after the Iranians sent a monkey into space and a month after North Korea’s rocket launch, South Korea has fired off its first civilian rocket, while a seventh-grade girl in the States rocketed Hello Kitty to the edge. (Video at the link and below the cut).

Leaving the RIM

RIM (Research in Motion) changed their name to Blackberry today, and announced the impending release of the Blackberry 10, in their plan to revive the failing company.

News from the Tooniverse

Newsarama informs us the current Green Lantern and Young Justice series will be cancelled, and delivers sundry other animated announcements.

Because Shatner rarely does public appearances.

Texas introduces a Star Trek-themed lottery game—and William Shatner will be helping with promo.

Hello Kitty in Space!

And what would a Newspace be without Cosplay? Here are some highlights from Ohayocon 2013 in Columbus, Ohio:

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  1. I’m not surprised that Young Justice was cancelled as it doesn’t really mesh up well with the current comic books. However, I am certainly sad to see it go as it is terrific. :-(

    • I don’t know how much that would be a factor, though. TV versions of comics are often wildly different. If they’re hits (I am thinking more, I realize, of the live-action versions), the comic often incorporates elements of the show. Still, cancellations have happened for stranger reasons, usually connected to demographics as well as ratings.

  2. Off topic, but you guys may want to know your Slashbox over on Slashdot is not getting updated. I have the habit of scanning it to watch for new stories to click in for a visit her at B24, but it’s been stuck on Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter for some time now.

    Just sayin’.

    • er, “here”, not “her”. Sadly, TechnoGirl has been gone from B42 for years. . Who WAS she, anyway? You guys speculated that she was a noted female SF writer that started her own blog…

        • True. I’m just nostalgic about TG because I remember her from our exchanges reviewing Firefly a decade ago during that brief, shiny moment when it was a first run TV show and had such a glorious future….

    • We cannot fix the Slashbox without cooperation from Slashdot. Such cooperation had been requested but not received. I now use the RSS feed and a Google Reader browser plugin myself. (Along with checking the site habitually anyway.)

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