That’s mighty, Mississippi:

A Mississippi baby born with HIV has been cured–although this breakthrough will not have any immediate consequences for those infected with AIDS.

The Rest is Space:

By now, you likely all know, NASA, has found a hitherto unsuspected radiation belt around the earth.

The European Union takes aim at the menace of space junk.

The Chinese space program moves along, and includes a new occupied launch this summer.

Closer to home (metaphorically speaking), Commander Hadfield continues his Tweets from Space!

Space video, and cosplay, below:

Hatches opening of SpaceX’s Dragon on International Space Station:

Cosplay at Emerald City Comiccon 2013…

…and Guangzhou YACA 2013:

3 replies on “Newspace”

  1. I just don’t get the whole space junk thing. Even in the highly-crowded geosynchronous ring above the equator, there is 70,000 miles to divvy up between the various satellites and such. If you count the entire volume of space, a hollow shell from 62 miles to 22,300 miles, that comes out to about 76 trillion cubic miles of space. Spread out evenly amongst the 600,000 objects, that’s about 127 million cubic miles per object — so space collisions are not going to be that common. (Admittedly, our satellites tend to clump into specific areas, but this gives an idea of just how much space is out there.)

    The linked article says European space agencies have to move satellites about once per month, but I’m guessing they’re being overly conservative about the possibility of a collision, and they move the satellites whenever there’s an object that will pass within miles of the satellite.

  2. Correction. My math was wrong for the geosynchronous ring. It stretches 165,000 miles.

    (3.14159 * (2 * (3963 + 22300)))

    where 3963 is the radius of the Earth at the equator.

    (The volume calculations are correct.)

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