Mars: One-way Explorers, and other matters

Mars One seeks Martian explorers to leave within a decade– but the trip will be one way.

Meanwhile, the current Terran resident of Mars, Curiosity, has been sidelined again, while various interested parties continue to discuss space tourism.

If nothing else, this feels a little like the twenty-first century we were supposed to have.

Any takers for Mars One?

2 replies on “Mars: One-way Explorers, and other matters”

  1. Live & die in metal tent on an alien world but make space history? Strangely tempting.

  2. There are times in my life where the whole One Way Trip to Mars seems tempting. It’d have to be SLIGHTLY less horrible, though. I’d want to bring the dog, though, and that might be a bit mean to her.

    So I’ll wait till there’s some small bit of terraforming (or at least large living complexes).

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