Mutant Princess From Beyond the Grave

If you haven’t already heard, the late Princess of Wales, Diana, will be returning as a mutant in a five-part Marvel X-Statix storyline which may also feature a guest appearance by Spider-man. (UPDATE, July 11)

In what may be Marvel’s strangest decision since the Clone Saga, a mutant, super-powered Diana will return in X-Statix, and the regular gang of mutants will have to protect her from a “nasty crew of mutant Eurotrash” who want her to die again. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace, quoted in the Globe and Mail, called the decision “utterly appalling…. a cheap attempt to cash in on Diana’s fame and the tragic circumstances surrounding her death.”

What I want to know is, if the evil “Eurotrash” succeed, will we have to live through another funeral and another rendition of “Candle in the Wind”?

UPDATE: Lurch_Kimded has brought to our attention Marvel’s decision to remove Princess Di from the story. The press release reads:

Marvel Comics had planned to release a book using the spirit of Princess Diana as one of its heroines. While Lady Diana was portrayed in a positive light in the comic book, upon reflection, the company has decided to remove Princess Diana and all references to the Royal Family from the five-part X-Statix series.

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    • Re: Does Anyone Else Find this idea as Disturbing As I do?

      Does Anyone Else Find this idea as Disturbing As I do?

      It’s the US Media! Nothing they do disturbs me anymore – I’ve been
      completely desensitized!

      More reaction is more of a “Bored Now”[/Vampire Willow]
      kind of thing.
      Give me some
      freakin’ compelling drama,
      characters I care about, or good writing then maybe I’ll read it (though
      I’m not so much into comics anymore). It’s obvious that this series can’t
      stand on its own merit if it has to rely on this sort of tabloid marketing
      to get sales.

      • Re: Does Anyone Else Find this idea as Disturbing As I do?
        I don’t read X-Statix, and I only this last week picked up the two X-Force
        TPBs that Milligan and Allred did, but judging from past experiences
        with Milligan’s writings, I’d venture to say that he hasn’t done this for
        sales reasons or “tabloid marketing”.

        Milligan’s work has long unflinchingly examined things that some
        people might
        consider “sacred” parts of their culture. Check out his Shade the
        Changing Man series, especially the early years, for a great example of
        his examination of American culture.

        Personally I’m much more disturbed by the cult-like adoration that
        has grown up
        around Diana after her death. Even the royal family has elevated her to
        some kind of saintly figure, when they didn’t particularly like her before.
        They exploit her just as much as anyone.

  1. Update!
    FYI – Looks like Marvels bowed out of this one according to Comics Continuum: Looky here (you have to scroll down about a half to two thirds).

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