Continuum Review: “Second Chances”

I saw you survive the explosion and fireball and then vanish.

Continuum returns, and Kiera’s playing Batman—except she has no idea who he is.

Title: “Second Chances”

Cast and Crew

Director: Pat Williams
Writers: Simon Barry et al.

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra
Erik Kundson as Alec Sadler
Stephen Lobo as Matthew Kellog
Jesse Moss as Shane Mathers
Brian Markinson as Dillon
Stephen Huszar as Drew Laroche
Lexa Doig as Sonya Valentine
Luvia Petersen as Jasmine Garza
Roger Cross as Travis Berta
Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram
Brian Markinson as Dillon
Jennifer Spence as Betty Robertson
Richard Harmon as Julian Randol
Willam B. Davis as future Alec Sadler

Full cast and crew information may be found here.


While future Kiera experiences nightmares, present-day Kiera uses her apparent death and future tech to become a grim vigilante. Meanwhile, Alec Sadler sets up a new life, Fonnegra investigates the assassination of Vancouver’s mayor, and we learn more about future-Alec’s motives.

High Point

I liked the conception and use of hypothetical future computer technology. The show excels at imaginary technology that seems plausible.

Low Point

The dialogue felt too scripted this week, and it didn’t help that a few of the performance were a little off.

People continue to be overly accepting of anything Kiera does, even if they complain or express suspicions about it.

The Scores:

Originality: 3/6 Continuum goes Arrow, but this is a different context for the vigilante hero.

The show had an amusing echo of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home when Kiera matter-of-factly stated her backstory to someone who asks. Of course, it sounds ridiculous and the person dismisses it.

Effects: 5/6 The visuals for future Vancouver look good, in a videogame sort of way. While they could look less like computer graphics, the show gets points for using that appearance to their advantage, in a clever transition shot.

Story: 5/6 The arc may be going in interesting directions, and Alec’s new life and concerns certainly make him a more interesting character than we saw in Season One.

This week’s plot featured a credible, if not entirely surprising, twist.

Acting: 4/6 The acting in the show remains uneven, ranging from strong to stilted.

Emotional Response: 4/6

Production: 6/6.

Overall: 5/6 It will be quite interesting to see how the show’s problematic terrorists get interpreted in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing

In total, “Second Chances” receives 32/42

6 replies on “Continuum Review: “Second Chances””

  1. One cool point is that they used a real computer store for Alec’s job hunt. That may, of course, be product placement, but it’s contextually valid placement.

  2. I may have missed the boat on this one. I didn’t find out about it until it was a couple weeks in. It looks interesting, and I do like Rachel Nichols.

    Is it worth tracking down the other episodes and watching? I may wait untl Siffy announces whether or not it’s getting another season though. I’m still peeved that they canceled Alphas and Eureka, and other shows… They seem to be almost as bad as Fox lately. :p

    • Well, this is its second season in Canada, so it’ll be out somewhere.

      I found the first season worth watching, and this one has my interest for now.

      • I’m in the US, but as long as it’s getting some traction somewhere I could always download it somewhere if I wanted.

        I might track down the episodes once the wife and I finish up Hemlock Grove.

    • I have really been enjoying it. They deal with Time Travel with respect but don’t attempt to answer the paradoxes. I find myself wanting to know more about the future world rather than the stuff in the present.

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