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Continuum Review: “Waning Minutes”

Waning Minutes

You record, not bear witness. You store data, not remember.

Much of the regular cast take the ep off as we visit days of futures past. Kiera recalls a future mission that went horribly wrong and brought her into contact with an off-the-grid community of “Gleaners.” We see the start of the doubts that have been growing in her, and we learn how Sonya Valentine came to be a part of Liber8.

In the epilogue, Alec witnesses a violent turn of events.

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Continuum Review: “Wasted Minute”

“It’s like Spy vs Spy.”
–minutes before we literally see two identicals duke it out.

We’re narrowing the border gap: last week’s Canadian episode is next week’s American one. We invite your reviews and comments on this episode, which features some major developments, and sets up a… Season Finale? Midseason Finale?

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Continuum Discussion: “A Minute Changes Everything”

Continuum continues as the show fueled by excellent, plausible SF concepts—- and marred by uneven execution. While we have no true review, we are posting discussion points, and inviting you to contribute your own.. People who wish to avoid spoilers probably shouldn’t click to read further.

If you’re watching on the U.S. schedule, check out our past review of Minute Man instead.

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Continuum Discussion: “Minute to Win It”

…and the Season Three premiere, if you live in the U.S.

This week has everyone scrambling over timelines and time travel, as Alec takes over Piron and Liber8 uses technology to make meat puppets of insects…. and people.

Piron has several items in development that we’ve seen in Kiera’s future– though Piron was a different company from SadTech.

Another company has technology of unknown origin.


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