Continuum Review: “Split Second”

Alliances begin to fracture and fragment in this week’s fast-paced episode.

Title: “Split Second”

Cast and Crew

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra
Erik Kundson as Alec Sadler
Stephen Lobo as Matthew Kellog
Roger Cross as Travis Verta
Nicholas Lea as Gardiner
Lexa Doig as Sonya Valentine
Luvia Petersen as Jasmine Garza
Jesse Moss as Shane Mathers
Brian Markinson as Inspector Dillon
Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram
Brian Markinson as Dillon
Richard Harmon as Julian Randol
Jennifer Spence as Betty Robertson
Ian Butcher as Aryan Nations Prisoner

Full cast and crew information may be found here.


As suspicion increases that the VPD has a mole, Kellog tempts Alec to join his company and make the future. Meanwhile, Liber8 tries to rescue Travis Verta from prison, while fighting amongst themselves.

Clearly neither side can trust all of its members.

High Point

This week saw a lot of well-done action sequences. Travis dispatched the Aryan Nations prisoners in a satisfactory manner. The high-speed chase created real suspense, instead of mere visceral thrills.

Low Point

Fonnegra comes out of his fight remarkably unscathed. This seems all the more absurd given that the department later notes how remarkable he and Cameron’s escape was. Future technology facilitated the escape, but it only helped Fonnegra end the fight early.

The Scores:

Originality: 3/6

Effects: 5/6 This week’s effects were less SF and more Action Movie, but well-done for a weekly series.

Story: 5/6 The framing sequence gave us additional information that enhanced our understanding of events witnessed in other episodes. Overall, we have a strong story this week, and we understand the characters’ motivations.

I’m also glad to see divisions growing among the terrorists, not only for its dramatic possibilities, but because extremists tend towards factionalism. Divisions among the investigating agencies, of course, have been present from the start.

Acting: 5/6

Emotional Response: 5/6

Production: 6/6.

Overall: 5/6 I’m glad more people question the existence and nature of Section Six, because it seems awfully convenient. The concept is not unlike time travel itself; it doesn’t really make sense but, without it, the show doesn’t exist.

In total, “Split Second” receives 34/42

Lingering Questions and Observations

How far will Keira Cameron go to ensure her family exists in the future?

Will Kellog corrupt Alec Sadler? Is this supposed to happen? Are they all in a loop that will inevitably bring about the future we’ve already seen?

The title of each first-season ep contained the word time. This season’s word appears to be second.

Some months ago, we had a discussion at the Bureau about SF and product placement. This show (thus far) has been able to make their in-episode advertisement make perfect sense, and not distract from the show.

The show has never hid its Canadian setting. This week we see snow on the ground, and people in the sports bar watch hockey.