rickyjames writes, Fans of ‘Firefly’ can now pre-order ‘Firefly: Complete Series’ from AMAZON.COM. Initial response has been impressive, with the preorders making the DVD skyrocket to near the top of the Amazon DVD Top Seller List (a ranking which may or may not last, but is still cool and might help sell the idea of a movie). The DVD set contains all episodes of Firefly, including the three that were never aired in the US, and the notorious Firefly gag reel. Also included are loads of interviews and commentaries on most of the episodes by cast members, writers, and directors–including Joss Whedon. Due out December 9th, 2003 and priced at $37.49 (a saving of $12.49–25% off) and includes free shipping under the Super Saver Shipping option, this boxed DVD set is a must have for all current and future fans of Joss Whedon’s very first sci-fi series. Note, the DVDs are encoded for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only) and will probably not be viewable in other countries (except with a computer). To pre-order your set, you can go here.

Something cool for Christmas!