Orphan Black Discussion: “Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner”

The clones grow closer to the truth, allies lose trust in each other, and the titles turn stranger.

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  1. Also a really bizarre direction to take the show in, I thought. Things have taken a distinct turn for the surreal over the last two episodes, and while I can certainly see such a subculture developing I’m not convinced that it’s something I want to watch or not. Hopefully people’s motivations will start to make more sense over the next few, even stranger titled, epsiodes…

    • Safe to say that subculture exists, though not in so extreme a form (yet). My problem with the show– which is very well done– is that I’ve only watched some of the episodes, and it does not lend itself to being understood without seeing everything. I think I may have to watch the whole thing once the season has ended, and perhaps do a review of the entire first season arc.

      Quite a tail. Erm, tale.

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