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  1. So I’m thinking of starting a betting pool for the Coulson Lives explanation:

    1. Extremis, for the Iron Man 3 tie-in, or a similar wonder-drug
    2. He’s a cyborg in some way. (he seemed to walk funny in the promo)
    3. He’s a clone. Though I thought one of the people on the show stated it was “really him” and not a clone, I couldn’t locate a reference quickly.
    4. Some combination of cryogenic stasis and one of the above.

    It looks great, I hope it lives up to the hype. I also hope they either find ways to keep the budget under control or that the ratings are high enough that they don’t mind spending the cash to keep it going.

    • His clone, Ben Reilly, survived the plummet at Reichenbach Falls after Willow Rosenberg cast a spell using the Genesis Torpedo she found in the shower with Bobby Ewing. For the first few episodes, he’ll wear a black and silver outfit.

      I suppose I could throw in three dozen other characters but, Jesus Christ, isn’t this enough?

    • I’m betting on option 5: Nick Fury lied about him being dead in the first place to give the team something to rally around. Straight up lies and manipulation.

      • That certainly does seem to be the most logical choice, and fits what was said/seen, but is much less fun to speculate about :-)

        • It may be less fun to speculate but its credible. It doesn’t smell of classic comic character indestructibility.

          • No need for him to be indestructible.

            My new favorite theory is that the Coulson that died in The Avengers was a Life Model Decoy. Stark even mentioned Life Model Decoys in passing earlier in the movie.

            And hey, why not just let people vote. I made a Google Form for it:

            Coulson Lives

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