Under the Mountains of Madness…

Researchers confirm that Antarctica’s Lake Vostok, frozen under layers of ice for longer than humanity has been around, contains a unique ecosystem with numerous living things.

Let’s not count out Europa as a haven of life forms.

…To the Gulf of Mexico

A forest has been discovered uncovered in the Gulf, buried for at least 50,000 years and remarkably well-preserved.

First, is it plugged in?

NASA will attempt this month to revive the Kepler Telescope, shut down since May due to a technical problem.

Where are those meddling kids, when you need them?

Many people played today with Google’s doodle, which commemorates the sixty-sixth anniversary of the original Roswell crash. But how many people know this week marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Nith River Monster’s first appearance? Yeah, well, I hadn’t heard of it, either, until about a month ago, but I wrote an article about Nithy just the same.

Google Glasses, Despicable Me 2, and cosplay, after the break.

Those Google Glasses—which you know will be everywhere in a few years—have recorded an arrest, likely for the first time. WARNING: Jersey Shore on July 4:

Since we didn’t review Despicable Me 2 here, we’re linking to someone else’s vlog review:

And cosplay, at the weekend’s Anime Expo in L.A.: