Movie Discussion: Elysium

Neill Blomkamp’s big budget SF movie about class warfare opened this weekend to mixed reviews. What place will it occupy on your personal Greatest Science Fiction Film list?

2 replies on “Movie Discussion: Elysium”

  1. The low-points: It’s heavy-handed with it’s approach; Jodie Foster’s accent is weird.

    The high-points: The special effects were amazing. I don’t see any real plot holes here.

    It’s a pretty good two hour ride. I didn’t question the motives of any of the characters at any point in the movie, which is always a plus. I would have to give it a 3.7 rounded up to 4.0 on Netflix. Sorry, it’s not the 42 scale.

  2. Would not score too well with originality, since it rips off every SF film from Metropolis to Mad Max.

    Great effects! Some of best effects of summer movie season.

    Plot ended up being meh. Good idea, but felt like lecture disguised as spotty action movie with really good effects. Or maybe action movie interrupted by lecture. Didn’t 1% used to mean Americans who ride motorbikes? Times have changed.

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