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String along with Bohemian Gravity:

Cygnus makes its test delivery to the International Space Station:

New research demonstrates how healthier living can alter the aging process.

If you haven’t yet visited Night Vale, you may want to make the trip before Halloween– but do not enter the dog park!

And below, we’ve found several great videos, including a fan attempt at new Batman, a Bureau-crat review of a 90s SF gem, an anniversary of a spaceship, and much more:

This fan trailer for The Dark Knight Legacy picks up where the movie trilogy ends:

Our own Alex reviews a gem from the 90s– Prisoners of Gravity:

Another nerd has more on the controversies at DC:

This week’s anniversaries include the Enterprise:

While this week’s cosplay comes from Anime Fest 2013:

And the BBC provides us with the Tech WTF of the week:

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