Don’t tell me they forgot the duct tape

The privately-owned Cygnus supply ship reaches the international space station….

All of which might make us think more about off-planet legal and property issues.

On the space station, astronaut Karen Nyberg made this toy dinosaur out of scraps. She plans to give it to her son.

Meanwhile, below the jump: video of the Ohio meteor, last month’s Burning Man, recent Con Cosplay– and this clown:

A flaming meteor buzzed central Ohio:

Spectacular aerial views of last month’s Burning Man:

And more ground-level views:

Rose City Comic-Con 2013:

Madrid’s “Japan Weekend” Cosplay:

Vlog Brothers on Global Warming:


Halloween approaches! The schedule of our October reviews will be up next weekend. Meanwhile, some creepy clown has been stalking Northampton, England, since Friday, September 13:

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  1. A dinosaur toy on the space station? I hope they are prepared for it’s sudden but inevitable betrayal.

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