Canadian Thanksgiving delayed this Newspace1, but here we go with a roundup of science and science-fiction news, followed by some highlights and cosplayers of NYC Comic-Con, this weekend’s other big event.

Fantastic Comics:

Impersonator Tom HIddleston does Owen Wilson as Loki:

And the Calvin and Hobbes doc will be out soon:

Save us Science!

We came a baby step closer to a viable fusion reactor.

A malaria vaccine could be ready by 2015.

Lego is the Future!

Look, just check just this out.

And since it is Canadian Thanksgiving:

Higgs and Englert may have taken the Nobel Prize in Physics (as we reported, along with everyone else, earlier this week), but my favorite non-genre author, Canada’s Alice Munro, finally took a long-overdue Nobel Prize for Literature.

Some sights of the 2013 New York Comic-Con:

NYComic-Con: where DC finally came to their senses and announced the return of Steph Brown.

1. American readers: we in fact tend towards turkey and the trimmings, and not moose-meat and poutine. So don’t stereotype us, just because we hold Thanksgiving early in the autumn, to coincide with traditional harvest festivals and… uh… avoid the heavy snowfalls of November.