Newspace: Superheroes!

Not even leukemia can stop Bat-kid!

BatKid saves San Francisco Gotham, courtesy of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Just like in the Fantastic Four

A recent spat between two key members of the Rain City Superhero movement has led to accusations against “real-life superhero” Phoenix Jones and the resignation of El Cabellero.

Twilight of the Metahumans

If you haven’t yet seen Andreas Englund’s paintings of an aged superhero, check them out here.

Doctor Who and more, below….

The BBC will be airing a docudrama about the show’s early years, the Friday before the fiftieth anniversary:

Cosplay from Supernova Brisbane:

And Runefest:

Also, a moderately NSWF fan film shows Wonder Woman and Supergirl during their off-hours:

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