Weekend Anime Review; Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – A New Translation II: Lovers

We continue with the Zeta Gundam compilation movies with part 2, Lovers.

Cast & Crew

Bin Shimada as Paptimus Scirocco
Nobuo Tobita as Kamille Bidan
Shuuichi Ikeda as Quattro Bajeena/Char Aznable/Casval Deikun
Hirotaka Suzuoki as Bright Noa
Kazuhiko Inoue as Jerid Messa
Masako Katsuki as Reccoa Londe
Maya Okamoto as Emma Sheen
Satomi Arai as Fa Yuiri
Tohru Furuya as Amuro Ray
Yukana as Four Murasame
Chizuru Ikewaki as Sarah Zabiarov
Daisuke Namikawa as Katz Kobayashi

Written and Directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino
Music by Shigeaki Saegusa
Animation by Sunrise

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The Premise

After the Titans destroyed Jaburo with a nuclear weapon in a failed attempt to wipe out the AEUG, the AEUG’s forces on earth attempt to re-supply while Quatro Bajeena and AEUG Commander Blex travel to a meeting of the Earth Federation leadership to make their case that the Titans need to be disbanded, whiled the Titans argue that the entire Earth Federation military should be placed under their control.

High Points

The colony drop looks absolutely gorgeous. The film as a whole uses a lot more of the new animation than the first film did, and it benefits from it.

Low Points

Unfortunately, this film is where the compilation format starts hurting the narrative. In particular, Bajeena’s speech to the Earth Federation council, and its result – that the Titans are disbanded, are cut from the plot. Instead, the conclusion of that sub-plot is left up in the air, with no explanation for why the Titans are racing the AEUG to see who can ally with Axis Zeon first.

Also, the kids are similarly introduced into the story out of nowhere, and serve no purpose but to throw a monkey wrench into the works.


Originality: Still an adaptation, but with some tonal changes. 3/6

Animation: The new animation still looks gorgeous, and the old stuff is incorporated better. 5/6

Story: Chopping a bunch of TV show down to a couple hours means there will be plot holes, no matter how hard the writers try to patch them up. 4/6

Production: 4/6

Acting: Yukana does an excellent job of stepping into the role of Four Murasame, especially with the angry backlash from Japanese fans over recasting the role. 5/6

Emotional Response: This film puts a lot more focus on character relationships, to amp up the response when those characters are in danger. 4/6

Overall: This is a good middle chapter, with a nice cliffhanger. 5/6

In total, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation II – Lovers gets 30/42.